Young Pilgrims

Andy, I’ve gotten fat and happy

I wonder if you’d say hey if we passed on the street

I just remember driving down Clearwater together

Young Pilgrims

We kept saying god he’s got a voice

You can’t help but sing like it pulls you

We agreed

Even now as I write this and I think of where you might be

I hum along – Young Pilgrims – you know

God he’s got a voice


If you’re interested, this was inspired by The Shins’ song “Young Pilgrims.” Careful: it’s catchy.


A Drive With Isabel

Isabel, I want to remember our drive home tonight

Andrew sang us “Saints, preserve us”

My hand rested on your car seat

A moment, your little hand touched mine

We drove down Mills with the windows open

Andrew sang while your wild blond hair whipped the warm air

You said you saw a star out your window

If that wasn’t nice, I don’t know what is


I peer into the bowl
Black wet fruit drip
A sweet acrid smell
Buzzing ears
Stinging eyes
I poke the rind curious
The skin gives way
Mush into the core
Sick juice covers my hand
Sounds of moldy muscle
Decomposed meat old
Sitting in a bowl of its own
Blood-like sweet liquid
Garbage bottomed

Encouragement for Amy

You dream of the serpent
And you say it’s vivid
A black mamba to be exact
Lunging its aggression on you while you sleep
And I wish I could fight it for you
Satan’s dream-induced minion trying to prevent you from crossing the ocean
And giving of yourself
Loving the Lord and loving people
Do not be moved, Amy.

“The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent
So, close your eyes and sleep
When you open them, be the hands and feet of Jesus

A Letter to This Little Journal Here

“I heard you got a dispatch from San Jose,
I heard it was the color blue.”
Man, it’s been five weird years
Since I wrote those words to you

You’ve been collecting dust in a drawer
Longing to stretch your leather
I’ve been preaching in the corner
And trying to read the weather

How have you been, friend?
What’s the word, brother?
You don’t say, dude!
It’s good to see you.

In That Promise

In that promise
I found Amy
Mine a distant heart caught in a jar
And she, tenderly poked holes in the lid
Kept it safe and showed her cousins
“Isn’t it lovely – just look!”

Because of that promise
I met my captors
Dirty fingers caressing in the night
Turning my heart hard and my body used
Amy held me, cleaned under my nails
“You and I are forgiven.”