The Maker of All Things

I was working in the yard

With earth up to my elbows

The dirt was dark and cool

Earthworms performed

Figure eights between my

Fingers. Beetles came to

The surface to inspect. My

Knees were deep in the dirt

I filled my hands with scoops

of land. I washed them with

Cold water. It all brought true

Satisfaction and it occurred to

Me what God must have felt

When he was at work, seeing

Creatures come into being.

Feeling land between his

Fingers and cold water clean.

I’m envious of the Maker

Of all things.


Photo credit: “baby grass [mother’s day present]” by Flickr user woodleywonderworks

This Heat Within

The heat within –

An orange molten light

Pulsing, like a heart, with the wind

Its crackling serene

And still –

The heat within
Making char of that poor lizard

That fought desperately to scale the wall

Its husk now flaking as the wood blackens

The air thickens

With the smoke from the heat within

The heat reaches my shins which itch from the red flame licking

Reaching out for a touch of hair and skin

Growing from the heat within
Prometheus’ gift inside lies

These cheap white stones

A gift in a gift

With the power to cook, to lift

Man to the Sun

Heat for heat

One for one

A fair, just fuel

Using only what it requires

Pistons explode as the stuff overloads

From the high energy transfer

Of the heat within
Distant cousin of the flame which snaked its veins

Through the alleys of Chicago

Makes its way now over the white stones at my feet

The red ruby vines

Like tendrils deplete

Any cold that tries to settle in my bones

And though I know of its destruction

I’m thankful for this orange molten light

This heat within
Photo credit: “fire” by Flickr user Jeannette S.