The Rock

Moses struck the rock and dispersed water

The cool stuff of life freely given

The Spirit in the rock from the father

God’s gift and the flesh interwoven


Jacob, in distress, chose to flee

Stopped in Luz to rest his head

Experienced dreams from the Head of three

On a pile of rocks made his Heavenly bed


A rock is not merely a rock

As Christ is the Rock of Ages

The mission of the Spirit Christ’s body unlocked

And on Christ’s body did Jacob lay his

My Only Request After Death

I’m not so concerned with what my tombstone will read

Whether or not the granite will be clean

If I get a plot with a view

If there’s a bench with my name on a plaque

If I’m laid by a busy road

I don’t even care about the bones within
I only care that the owner of those bones was found acceptable to God

That he followed Christ until the end of his days

That he was able to finally be called righteous

A Wedding Scene

Invitation lost in the mail
We’re crashing this wedding
With our clothes tattered
We can eat for a minute until
The King comes in –
Duck under the tables
Rips, bruises, dirt under our nails
Put on our Sunday best
Search and seizure
Food and wine soak the ground
Tables turned over
I hear a weeping and moaning and gnashing of teeth
The guy next to me is thrown out
We told you! We told you!
But few are chosen
God help me. God help my brothers and sisters.


Let’s be honest you and I are tenants greedy and murderous

Our Father is good and thinks better of us

“They will respect my son.”

Quiet master –

But we tossed the stone uphill

Killed between thieves

We were getting drunk on the wine the toil of others

Gorging ourselves with the body until we almost burst

Pocketing silver

Bashing in servants’ heads

We’ve been evil since the day we were born

Sorry I know it’s sad