First of all, thanks for stopping by! There are currently over 1 billion websites you could be visiting, and you’re here. I appreciate it.

A few things I take very seriously: the life and work of Jesus Christ, being a husband and a dad, teaching high schoolers English and Speech & Debate, and keeping myself informed and active in what’s happening in the world. I write about these things a lot.

Other interests of mine include reading, writing bad poetry, watching Florida sports teams get our hopes up and continue to disappoint, and blogging.

I hope to accomplish two things from maintaining this blog: (1) provide a place for me to constantly hone both my writing and reasoning and (2) engage with you all concerning theology, politics, family, art, and whatever else arises. I welcome and rely on readers’ comments and disagreements. I’m a sucker for civil debate, and I’d love for this blog to be the start of a great conversation.

For additional communication outside of this here blog, feel free to email me at jamesjkaufholz@gmail.com, or I’m @heymrkaufholz on Twitter.

Thanks again for reading,

Jimmy Kaufholz