First of all, thanks for stopping by! There are currently over 1 billion websites you could be visiting, and you’re here. I appreciate it.

A few things I take very seriously: the life and work of Jesus, being a husband and a dad, and teaching high schoolers English and Speech & Debate. So, I write about these things a lot.

Other interests of mine include reading, writing bad poetry, Florida sports (Buccaneers, Gators, and Magic) and blogging.

I hope to accomplish two things from maintaining this blog: (1) provide a place for me to constantly hone both my writing and my reasoning and (2) engage with people with different opinions than my own concerning theology, politics, family, art, and whatever else arises. I welcome and rely on readers’ comments and disagreements. I’m a sucker for civil debate, and I’d love for this blog to be the start of a great conversation.

For additional communication outside of this here blog, feel free to email me at jamesjkaufholz@gmail.com, or I’m @heymrkaufholz on Twitter.

Thanks again for reading,

Jimmy Kaufholz