The Rock

Moses struck the rock and dispersed water

The cool stuff of life freely given

The Spirit in the rock from the father

God’s gift and the flesh interwoven


Jacob, in distress, chose to flee

Stopped in Luz to rest his head

Experienced dreams from the Head of three

On a pile of rocks made his Heavenly bed


A rock is not merely a rock

As Christ is the Rock of Ages

The mission of the Spirit Christ’s body unlocked

And on Christ’s body did Jacob lay his

The Fallen Nest

On that warm and windy day, I found myself on the same green bench as usual. My lunch breaks were brief, so I had to make the most of them. The park was only a block from my office. I would take the quick walk down the street, find my bench, and eat quickly.

Usually the park was empty. I’d sit alone and enjoy the silence, a rarity at work. I could easily doze off or, at the least, lose track of time if the weather was just right.

However, this particular day was different. I was seated on the same green bench, sandwich in hand. But there were two boys probably no older than 8 or 9 years old who came wandering into the park looking for something to do.

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