American Man, Give What You’ve Got

The power and resources
Of the American Man
Good god it’s an infinite machine
A deep sleeping mine
Of gold and old money
Holding on until someone gets lucky
Until he blasts his way through
The endless tunnels of riches
Using a slick word
Gems, rubies, diamonds
All of which can be sold at a price
To feed the guy on the corner
The one holding that cardboard sign
We’ve all seen him
And sometimes I drive past
Fifty feet below my car lies an abandoned system of sufficiency
These rocks that can be polished and shaped into fish and loaves
The money’s there
It just needs to be seized, siphoned, and distributed
Everyone reach into your pockets and give what you’ve got
American Man, give what you’ve got

Photo credit: “Panhandler sleeping Winnipeg” by Flickr user Dave Shaver

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