The Orange and Red Mixing

Hey now at the push of this button I can look into the future
See the green clouds amassing over the city
Causing destruction in their wake
My what a power I have at my fingertips
To be able to see impending doom
The orange and red mixing
Creating a noxious concoction of dusts of the past

Far be it from me to take this information lightly
No I will alert the media, alert the authorities
Whoever picks up the phone first
What can they do?
Extinction may be knocking on our door
And everyone’s out to lunch
– Be back in an hour –
Why am I the one who sees the end of time on this tiny screen?
The button just below
Blinking and beating
A beacon in the night

Shame on you all for not being ready
Shame on me for not doing more
At a time like this?!
What’s the point
Let’s go out with a bang
Break through the roof accesses and just let it go
Look up in the sky and see the orange and red mixing
Those same green clouds that tipped me off in the first place
My what a beautifully terrifying sight

Just think if I hadn’t hit the button in the first place
I might be sitting inside
Watching TV on the couch
While this hysteria creeped in

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